Founded in 2013, Atlantic Saltworks produces an artisan flake sea salt that has become a sought after ingredient on plates and in professional kitchens across the North Shore of Massachusetts and beyond. What started as experimental boil sessions in their homes and grew into to a small, shared kitchen facility in Amesbury, quickly blossomed into a dedicated manufacturing facility in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is from these shores and from this dedicated saltworks, that our premium crunchy, flake sea salt is produced.

THE Owners

In July of 2016, founders Heather Ahearn and Alison Darnell handed the reigns of the business over to local, fellow foodie entrepreneurs, George and Jodi Bradbury who currently run the bakery & café, Jodi Bee Bakes in Salem, MA.. Coincidentally, Jodi Bee Bakes and Atlantic Saltworks both got their start in the same shared kitchen facility based in Amesbury, MA and it was there that Jodi became addicted to Atlantic Saltworks' all-natural flake finishing salt and began using it exclusively in her flagship products, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Brownies Bites and her Browned Butter & Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies.

With 15 years of marriage and 1+ years of a bakery business under their belt, George and Jodi are excited about their next adventure and feel blessed to be able to continue to produce and introduce people to a product that they have long supported and believed in, Atlantic Saltworks' Sea Salt.


When Heather Ahearn and Alison Darnell first met in the hallway of their freshman dorm at UMass-Amherst, never in their wildest dreams did they think they'd be friends 20+ years later, both get their MBAs from Babson College, and then start a company together. But, that's exactly what happened. Their passion for local, interesting, and tasty food led them to many afternoons of experimental cooking. They realized that salt was one of the few things we could not source locally, so they began harvesting their own salt right from the harbor in front of Heather’s house. It quickly became the only thing they ever talked about and did together. The results and feedback were so fantastic that the idea grew and grew until they knew it had to become a business.